French Fare With Enticing Vistas
A Review of Rive Bistro, in Westport
The New York Times, July 11, 2013

"Few things are more pleasant than a water view while dining, especially in summertime. And at the new Rive Bistro in Westport, it’s almost impossible not to have a water view, no matter where you are seated. Not only does the restaurant face the Saugatuck River, with wide windows on three sides, but the screened patio, with a long banquette, also has a head-on river view. If you happen to be there in the early evening, you may have the pleasure of watching scullers skim past."
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French Treat on the Saugatuck (or, Garde au Chien!)
Connecticut Magaine - Table Hopping, April 9, 2013

"I thought I’d died and gone to . . . Paris, but no, I was seated by a window watching gulls soar and swoop over the Saugatuck at Westport’s newest eatery, Rive Bistro. It’s a wonderful spot, right smack on the river, which I liked so much I was back for lunch after having dinner here the night before. "
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Rive Bistro: French flavor on banks of the Saugatuck
Stamford Advocate, July 11, 2013

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine dining on a shared bowl of moules frite at a quaint little bistro overlooking the Seine.
Ripples of laughter, clinking of wine glasses and tiny waves from rowers against a backdrop of sunset blue and orange skies are your sights and sounds.
Now open your eyes, and the only change is from Seine to Saugatuck -- another scenic river meandering to ultimately the same sea."
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